How do I prepare for an immigration medical?

Important information to read prior to your appointment

Very important - you are unable to have a Full Immigration Medical if you are menstruating (this is due to the presence of blood in your urine). Please contact us to reschedule your appointment if it falls during your cycle - you will not lose your deposit. 

  1. Please remember to bring your passport with you (and for all members of your party). We cannot process your medical without it and you will be asked to reschedule

  2. There is no need to fast for your appointment, you can eat or drink as much as you’d like! The more water the better

  3. Avoid caffeine and drink water for hydration - this helps both your blood pressure and urine (if needed)

  4. If you require an x-ray, please don’t wear jewellery and avoid wearing a bra that has an underwire (if applicable). It’s also helpful to wear clothes that are easy to pull on and off

  5. If you are pregnant, please bring confirmation of this to your appointment

  6. If you are on any medications, please remember to disclose this during your medical

  7. Please be advised that you will have to undergo a supervised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) upon arrival to the clinic and will need to produce a negative COVID-19 result in order to proceed with the medical

  8. If you are unwell at the time of your Immigration Medical this may have an affect on your submission - please let the team know on if you are sick as we may need to reschedule your appointment