Booked online appointments vs Seeing the next available GP

See the next available GP online - Nationwide

Booked appointment online - Auckland only

Nationwide casual and enrolled patients

Auckland enrolled and casual patients

Up to 10 min appointment

15 min appointment

One-off condition or immediate need

Ongoing medical condition or need

No doctor choice, see the next available GP

Ability to choose your doctor

Same day appointment

Book an appointment up to 3 months in advanceBook an appointment up to 3 months in advance

First in, first served

Confirmed appointment time

Estimated waiting time until your appointment

Seeing the next available GP is essentially an online walk-in service and is most suitable for immediate healthcare issues that can’t wait.

Booked online appointments are more suitable for routine non-urgent healthcare issues that are not time critical.

At the moment, we can only offer booked appointments to those residing in Auckland, however we are expanding outside the region very soon!