What is the difference between enrolled and casual fees?

In NZ, GPs receive government funding for enrolled patients, so appointments are cheaper (and children under 14 are free) where you're enrolled. 

You can only also be enrolled with one GP practice at a time, but you can visit any GP practice as a casual patient. You will usually be charged a higher fee if you visit a doctor where you are not enrolled, ie as a ‘casual’ patient. 

You don't have to enrol with Tend to book an appointment, you can book as a 'casual patient'. You can enrol your children to take advantage of $0 fees for enrolled patients under 14 years, but remain enrolled elsewhere yourself. Or, the other way around, the choice is yours.

Generally, only NZ citizens or residents can enrol, but anyone can see a doctor as a ‘casual’ patient with Tend. Full criteria for enrolment can be found here.

Community Services Card
You must be enrolled with a GP to access Community Service Card holder pricing.
Learn more about how to get a Community Services Card if you are eligible.