Why enrol with Tend?

Enrolling means our doctors and nurses become your main contact for your healthcare needs.

Enrolling with Tend ensures you can access cheaper appointments for adults, free appointments for children under 14, and discounts for Community Service Card holders.

If you have ongoing condition(s) and medication needs, it's best that you enrol with Tend so we can provide ongoing care and repeat prescriptions.

See here for our full price list

Casual appointments

Use Tend without switching your GP
Adult / Child$65

Enrol with Tend

Make Tend your regular GP
Child (under 14)Free
With Community Service card
Young person (14 - 17)$13

Why is enrolling cheaper?

In NZ, GPs receive government funding for enrolled patients, so appointments are cheaper (and children under 14 are free) where you're enrolled. You can only be enrolled with one GP at a time.

You can enrol yourself but not your children, or the other way around, it's up to you. Adult family members must have their own Tend account and enrol themselves (except where you have Power of Attorney over someone's care).

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Don't want to enrol?

You can use Tend as a casual patient without switching your GP.
(When visiting any GP as a casual patient you'll usually be charged a higher fee.)