How ePrescriptions work

Need a prescription? Get prescriptions online through Tend.

Tend can issue prescriptions for most medications. Like any other GP service, we can’t give you a prescription unless you’ve had an appointment with one of our doctors (online appointments are okay).


We’ll send your prescription to your chosen pharmacy electronically, through the NZ ePrescription Service. Your doctor will ask you where we should send your ePrescription to and you must collect your medication from that pharmacy. If you already use an online pharmacy, we can send your ePrescription there.

Collecting your medication

When collecting your medication from the pharmacy you just need to tell them your name and date of birth - you don’t need a physical copy of the prescription. Simple. We’ll send you a secure message with the instructions for taking your medication and the pickup pharmacy address.

Repeat prescriptions

You can request ‘repeat’ prescriptions through the app for medications that have been previously prescribed to you by Tend. Depending on your condition and medication, you may need to see a Tend doctor before receiving a new prescription.

Controlled medications

If you need controlled medications you will need to enrol with Tend as your primary healthcare provider so we can establish a relationship with you and monitor your ongoing health needs.

All prescriptions are issued at the discretion of Tend’s doctors.