Ongoing medication needs?

If you have an ongoing condition that requires medication, this is best managed by the GP you are enrolled with so they can manage your overall health.

While we may be able to give you one prescription during a casual appointment, you’ll need to be enrolled with Tend for us to provide your medication regularly. Like any GP, we’ll need to see you in person at our Our clinic from time to time.

Tend is well placed to provide care for ongoing conditions and ensure you always have the medication you need. The choice of clinic or online appointments, evening and weekend appointments, and free repeat prescriptions for enrolled patients makes managing your health easier and cheaper.

All prescriptions, including repeat prescriptions, are issued at the GP's discretion, according to Need a prescription?.

If you’re interested but unsure about using Tend to manage an ongoing condition, we suggest you book a casual appointment to discuss your needs. It’s a great way for both you and us to decide whether Tend is the best fit to meet your needs.

Then, if you decide to enrol with Tend, your next appointment is free!