What does Tend cost?

There are two ways to use Tend.

1. Book appointments as a 'casual' patient (without switching your GP)
2. Enrol with Tend as your primary GP

Casual vs. enrolled fees explained

Tend appointment costs

Enrolled patient fees
Best value

First appointment free!
Child (under 14)Free
Repeat prescriptionsFree

Young person (14 - 17)$13
Casual patient fees

Adult / Child$49 $79
Repeat prescriptions$19
Auckland residents only.

Free repeat prescriptions for enrolled patients! *

* Standard prescribing regulations apply

How do I pay for my Tend appointment?

When you book an appointment or enrol using the Tend app, you will be asked to enter your credit card details, however we will not charge you until after your appointment.(A $1 charge will be deducted when you sign up to validate your card, which will be automatically refunded.)

If you have a Community Services Card or are entitled to any other kind of discount, please discuss this with your care team during your appointment.

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