What medical services does Tend provide?

Tend is a full-service medical practice that provides the same medical services as traditional GPs. We are more than happy to talk about any medical problem that you need advice or care for. If we need to see you for an in-person consultation, we’ll arrange to see you at one of our clinics at a time that suits you.

Can I receive a referral for specialist care through Tend?

Yes. Your doctor will discuss any referrals for specialist care during your appointment and develop a care plan to map the road to recovery.

Can I get a medical certificate through Tend?

Yes, you can get a medical certificate through Tend. Once you have had your consultation you can request one or your doctor may offer you one. This will be available in your app and can be emailed or printed, as needed.

Booking a service

You can now directly book a range of services via the Tend app by selecting 'I'd like to book a service.' Most services must be done at one of our clinics and can't be an online appointment.

Mental health

  • Mental health consultation


  • Licence medical (DL9)

  • Work capacity medical certificate WINZ

Contraception & PrEP

  • Contraception consultation

  • Depo Provera (repeat)

  • Emergency Contraception Pill (ECP)

  • PrEP initial consultation

Immunisations, injections, infusions

  • 6 week baby immunisations

  • Aclasta infusion

  • B12 injection

  • Boostrix

  • Childhood immunisations

  • HPV vaccine

  • Immunisations

  • Iron infusion

  • Shingles vaccine

  • Travel vaccinations

Risk assessment, reviews, tests

  • Annual health check-up

    • This is a general chat with a clinician of your choice in a standard 15 minute consultation. During this time we can talk about your lifestyle, discuss any long term conditions or repeat medications, check up on your screening status and take your blood pressure and measurements. We may decide you need to have some blood tests. If there are any specific needs and concerns, please let us know when you book the service. Available to both enrolled and casual patients

  • Blood pressure test

  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment (CVRA)

  • COVID-19 pre-departure PCR test (Travel to China)

  • COVID-19 pre-departure RAT

  • Diabetes annual review

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)


  • Cervical smear

  • Prostate screening

  • STI screening (routine test)

Skin, sutures, suction & wound

  • Ear suction

  • Liquid nitrogen (Liquid N2)

  • Mole check / dermatoscopy

  • Removal of sutures / staples

  • Wound dressing