What can be treated online?

As a full-service medical provider, we can assess and manage common health concerns and more through an online appointment. Our doctors are trained in diagnosing medical issues and providing medical care remotely,

Whether you need care for yourself or your whānau, we have you covered.

Our nurses and doctors can help with a full range of medical services, including coughs and colds, chronic care management, contraception and sexual health, women’s health, children’s health, and support your mental health and well-being.

We also provide prescriptions and repeats, medical certificates, specialist referrals and ACC & injury care.

In some cases, an in-person appointment may be required to issue a prescription, physically examine you or issue a medical certificate. If you have an online consultation and your doctor feels it is necessary to refer you to a Tend clinic for a physical examination, you will not be charged for the in-clinic appointment, provided the appointment is booked and completed within two weeks of the initial video consult.

If we are unable to start or complete your appointment due to technical difficulties we will make contact with you, to arrange a suitable time to complete your appointment at no additional cost.