NP. Anna Davidson

NP. Anna Davidson

Speaks English

I love working as a nurse practitioner. I get to merge medicine with people, have to adapt to different situations and patients, work holistically with individuals to improve their health and wellness, and educate them so they understand the what and why of their conditions and treatment.

I went on an OE to England for a year, and came home after 6 years. I spent 6 weeks travelling through Africa and got asked by a local community to help at the medical centre as they only had one GP. The only medication they had was paracetamol and limited anti-malarial. If you were severely unwell you had a 3 day wait until you could be taken to hospital. There was no transport, no ambulance and no medicine. It was such an eye opening experience to how fortunate we are. 

I tended to focus on women's and mental health issues in my previous practice. I was the only female practitioner, so naturally I got more of the women's health cases. Before becoming a nurse practitioner, I worked as a diabetes nurse specialist in the community, but cardiology and women's health are probably my favourite areas.

When not at work I enjoy getting outdoors with my partner and son, riding our bikes, enjoying the sunshine and travelling our backyard.

Special areas of interest:

  • Women's health

  • Mental health

  • Cardiology

  • Diabetes

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse practitioners make diagnoses, and order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests. They prescribe medicines within their area of competence with the same authority as medical practitioners.

Nurse practitioners combine their advanced nursing knowledge and skills with making diagnoses, and providing treatment. They provide care for people with both common and complex conditions.

Many nurse practitioners work in primary care where, like general practitioners, they may be the lead health care provider for health consumers and their families/whānau. Some nurse practitioners own their own practice.

I became a nurse practitioner as I worked in a rural GP clinic after graduating in the early 2000's. A phenomenal GP and senior nursing team set the bar high and there was never anything else I was going to do after that experience.