Sheree Shackley

Sheree Shackley

Speaks English

Sheree studied Nursing in Auckland before embarking to travel the world while gaining experience working in the UK as a nurse.

With a passion for primary care and 6 years of Practice Nursing experience, Sheree is qualified to provide a range of medical services to our patients, including immunisations, wound care, providing medical advice and chronic disease management.

Her experience in this field has lead to the development of a keen interest in chronic disease management and women's health, where she feels she has the opportunity to connect with people and provide valuable support.

Sheree is a great lover of the outdoors and can be seen on the beaches of Auckland with her sons and dog.

"As a nurse, I have the unique opportunity to connect with people on both a human and professional level at the same time. I believe giving patients the time to express themselves as they need to is the key to getting to the heart of things!"