Valeska Langman

Valeska Langman

Speaks English

As one of our Tend nurses, Valeska brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Equipped with a range of qualifications, Valeska has completed a post graduate certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice, and has gained experience working in General Practice, emergency triage in the travel and medical field, as well as time spent with St John's Ambulance.

Passionate about her role as a nurse, Valeska sees part of her role as been an educator and advocate for health literacy. Central to her role, though, is the need for her to be present for, and listening to patients and their families. This means providing healthcare holistically, recognising the importance of connecting family through healthcare while working towards the best health outcomes.

Bright and bubbly, Valeska also jokes she has a PhD in Parenting 101, and loves spending time with her three young boys and watching them grow.

I'm very open minded, and I believe we should live our lives in ways that make us happy. By spending time with patients to educate them on their health and the reasons why we should endeavour to lead healthier lives and how we can achieve this, provides patients the ability to make their own choices and ultimately become leaders in their own journey of living a healthy life!