Tend General Practitioner

The Tend General Practitioner is integral in our innovative digital first, nurse-led care team model. GPs will work closely alongside two nurses during a shift. Patients initially will be seen virtually via the Tend app by a nurse. If the consultation is beyond the nurse’s scope, then handover to the GP occurs. One of the many benefits of the care team model is that all clinicians will work at the top of their scope, providing up to date, evidence-based medical care in a culturally sensitive manner. Cooperation and communication are key attributes to being successful in this role. 

Tend is focused on providing patient-centric care via a digital first platform. It is imperative to be warm and culturally sensitive throughout the consultation and with follow up care.

Position: General Practitioner 
Reports to: Head of Clinical Care Team

Key responsibilities:

Patient care
Championing our care model to provide a patient experience that builds trust and confidence and leads New Zealanders towards becoming the healthiest people they can be.

General practice care:

  • Uses shared decision making with patients using a holistic, biopsychosocial approach and the principles of Whare Tapa Whā

  • Displays effective interpersonal and communication skills in the telehealth and in-person environments both with patients and colleagues

  • Work as part of the Tend care team and with external multidisciplinary teams to provide patient care that is proactive, planned, co-ordinated and patient centred 

  • Use health resources in a cost effective manner

  • Practices in a culturally safe manner and in accordance with the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi

Urgent and unplanned care:

  • Able to assess, diagnose and form management plans for a diverse range of patients in the community and via telehealth, using an evidence-based and patient centred approach

  • Respond to urgent and high-risk situations safely and effectively

  • Carry out appropriate and evidence-based clinical interventions based on the patient’s presentation 

  • Timely & effective advice to patients

Routine care:

  • Timely management of patients with long-term conditions with appropriate follow up 

  • Liaise courteously with key supports including whanau, support persons, Tend colleagues and external professionals

  • Timely follow up on investigations and referrals

  • Work with patients with complex health needs to support them in a comprehensive way; preventing disease, reducing harm and building health resilience and self-sufficiency  

Proactive care:

  • Carry out health screening and promotion activities 

  • Provide care to the full enrolled population (not just the active population) by identifying care gaps and working with the care team to provide planned, proactive care for these patients 

  • Provide health education and advice to improve patient self-management and to help prevent disease

Patient care effectiveness:
Providing proactive care for patients with more complex needs.

  • Provide guidance to team members in developing services appropriate to the enrolled population’s needs

How we utilise our knowledge and resources to improve patient outcomes for the future.

  • Identify care gaps, patients overdue periodic and preventative care services and patients who have not achieved best practice clinical measures 

  • Provide access to and champion preventative health programs, including the review of their effectiveness

Understanding the true cost of conducting our business.

  • Effective management of patient appointment times

  • Ensure all patient services undertaken are charged accordingly

  • When claiming subsidies from any funding agency, all compliance clauses must be adhered to 

Quality and Training
Consistently providing best practice quality of care.

  • Ensure leadership behaviours are consistent with the vision, goals and priorities of Tend

  • Make an active contribution to the team environment, through sharing knowledge and collaborating with others to build a high performing team

  • Maintain continuing medical education to ensure ongoing RNZCGP (or other) accreditation 

  • Attend and contribute to regular Tend staff/peer review meetings

  • Maintain total confidentiality and privacy of patients in line with the Privacy Act and

  • Health Information Privacy Code

Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Mitigating the risk for Tend, our people and patients through the promotion of injury prevention and management of dangerous equipment.

  • Complies with established health and safety policies with regard to handling of instruments, infection control, storage of drugs and disposal of sharps and other potentially dangerous equipment and substances. Comply with current NZ legislation.

Qualifications, skills and experience

You'll require:

  • Registration with NZ Medical Council

  • General scope to practice

  • Annual Practicing Certificate

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance

  • Current Level 5 CPR Certificate


  • Registration with NZ Medical Council

  • General scope to practice

  • Annual Practicing Certificate

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance

  • Current Level 5 CPR Certificate

Skills and knowledge:

  • Ability to work collaboratively with Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and other GPs to provide the best patient experience and continuity of care 

  • Up to date knowledge of legislative and regulatory requirements

  • Maintenance of clinical competence by attending conferences/seminars, peer review meetings, reading peer reviewed journals etc.

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