Enrol with Tend

Everything you need from a GP and more. Online or clinic appointments, access to medical records and results, medical certificates and repeats.

Looking for a new doctor?

Tend is a full service primary healthcare provider offering GP services online and in-clinic. At Tend we use a mobile app to manage your healthcare. Through the app you can: 

  • Book in clinic and online appointments

  • Get access to you test results

  • Message with your doctor or nurse

  • Order repeat prescriptions

We have two state-of-the-art medical centres in Kingsland and Symonds Street in Auckland.

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Casual appointments

Use Tend without switching your GP
Adult / Child$65

Enrol with Tend

Make Tend your regular GP
Child (under 14)Free
With Community Service card
Young person (14 - 17)$13

Why enrol with Tend?

  • FREE appointments for children under 14 years

  • Easy, secure messaging with your care team

  • $51 appointments for enrolled patients over 18 years

About enrolment in New Zealand

In NZ, GPs receive government funding for enrolled patients, so appointments are cheaper (and children under 14 are free) where you're enrolled. You can only be enrolled with one GP at a time.

You can choose to enrol yourself but not your children, or the other way around, it's totally up to you. Adult family members must have their own Tend account and enrol themselves (except where you have authority over someone's care).

Generally, only New Zealand citizens or residents can enrol, but anyone can see a doctor as a ‘casual’ patient with Tend. Full criteria for enrolment can be found here.