Medical certificates

Is a minor illness keeping you off work? Get a medical certificate sorted quickly and easily with Tend, so you can get back to getting well.

In many cases, we can provide you with a medical certificate through an online appointment. Sometimes we may need to see you in person at our medical centre before we can issue it for you. There's no additional charge if this happens.

When is a medical certificate required?

Now and again, your employer may require you to provide a medical certificate to certify you’re not well enough to work.  This can sometimes be the case if you need to take a number of days off sick leave due to illness.  In other cases, you may be asked to provide a medical certificate when getting a new driver’s licence or as part of an ACC process.  

It’s super easy to get a medical certificate sorted through your Tend app.  Simply book an online appointment to get started.

How do I get a medical certificate through Tend?

To get a medical certificate. You’ll need to first book an online appointment with a Tend doctor.  We’ll ask you some questions about your current state of health and get an understanding of what’s required on your medical certificate.  In some cases, we’ll need you to visit the clinic to issue your doctor’s certificate. If we think medication could be helpful in getting you healthy and back on track, we’ll explore that too.  After your consultation, we’ll make the medical certificate available to you through your Tend app.  Simple!