Our fees

Your guide to our appointment and other medical service costs.

Fees for enrolled and casual patients

We welcome both enrolled and casual patients. Pricing is less if you choose Tend as your primary care provider, however many of the added Tend benefits are enjoyed by casual and enrolled patients alike.

Pricing effective from 1st December 2021.

Enrolled patient fees

Online and in-clinic appointments

Child (under 14)

All consultations


Doctor, Nurse or ACC

Adult (14+)


(15 mins)



(30 mins)



(15 mins)



(15 mins)


CSC holders*
Young Person (14-17)

All consultations

(15 mins)


All consultations

(30 mins)


Adult (18+)

All consultations

(30 mins)


All consultations

(30 mins)


What does enrolling mean?

An enrolled patient is someone who has chosen Tend as their primary care provider. As an enrolled patient, you healthcare is subsidised by the New Zealand Government, so your appointments are cheaper. You can only be enrolled with one GP practice at a time. It's free to enroll.

* What is a CSC/Community Services Card?

This card can help with the costs of your healthcare. You must be enrolled with a GP to access Community Service Card holder pricing. Learn more about how to get a Community Services Card, and if you are eligible.

What is a 30 minute appointment?

For both casual or enrolled patients - if you have several conditions to discuss with your doctor and require more time, we recommend you contact our Customer Experience team and book a 30 minute appointment.

Casual patient fees

Online and in-clinic appointments

We welcome casual patients - NZ and non-NZ residents. As a casual patient you will usually be charged a higher fee as you are not enrolled with us and therefore not funded. Learn more about enrolled vs casual patients.

Casual rates for all patients

All consultations

(15 mins)


Doctor, Nurse, ACC

All consultations

(30 mins)


Doctor, Nurse, ACC

Additional charges for all patients


Pre-travel COVID-19 swab


Pre-travel COVID-19 swab (China)


Liquid nitrogen

From *$10

Ear suction


Blood test




Cervical smear


IV infusion


Punch or shave biopsy


Skin excision


May vary on discussion with your clinician

Driver's license medical (DL9)


Driver's medical


WellHealth review


* Plus consultation fee.
** May be eligible for funding.
Am I eligible?

Extra Tend Benefits

No extra charge for after hours/urgent service

We're open late nights and weekends. There's no extra surcharge for this service for casual or enrolled patients.

Free repeat prescriptions

If you're an enrolled patient, ordering a repeat prescription is free. In some cases, a clinic consultation may be required before Tend can issue your repeat prescription.

Free in-clinic referrals

If you have an online consultation and your doctor feels it is necessary to refer you to a Tend clinic for a physical examination, you will not be charged for the in-clinic appointment.

No extra charge for new patients

If you decide to enrol with us there is no new patient/first consultation charge.

Free messaging within the app

If you need to message our care team post your consultation, you can quickly do so through the app, at no extra charge.