Prescriptions & repeats

Need medications sorted quickly, without the hassle? Get prescriptions and repeats through online or clinic appointments, all through the app.

Getting prescriptions and repeats online

We can issue prescriptions for many medications through online consultations. To get a prescription, you’ll need to see a Tend doctor so we can understand your medical condition and discuss your treatment options. In some cases, you may need to visit the clinic before we can issue your prescription - but if that's the case, there will be no charge for the additional clinic appointment. For prescriptions with Tend, simply choose the pharmacy you’d like it sent to and they’ll have your medication ready for you to pick up.

If you’ve already had a prescription from a Tend doctor, you can get a ‘repeat’ for the same medication through your Tend app. When you enrol with Tend, there’s no charge for a repeat prescription.  Depending on your circumstances and the medication, we may request that you see a Tend doctor in-person before receiving a new prescription.

Can prescriptions be sent to my chosen pharmacy?

Yes, your Tend doctor will ask you which pharmacy you’d like your prescription sent to.  Once it’s ready, you can pick up the medication from your chosen pharmacy.  We’ll also send you a secure message with instructions for how to take your medication, along with the pickup pharmacy address.  You won’t need a physical copy of the prescription when you go to collect your medication, just tell them your name and date of birth. Easy.

We can also send ePrescriptions to an online pharmacy of your choice, through the NZ ePrescription Service.

If you choose to have your medication delivered, it’s even easier, your medicine will simply arrive at your door.

Get free prescriptions and repeats with Tend

We know the cost of prescriptions and repeats can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. That’s why we don’t charge extra for prescriptions, you’ll simply pay the cost of your consultation.  If you have an ongoing medication need, and we don’t need to see you to renew your prescription, your repeat prescriptions with Tend are completely free!*

Please note, your pharmacy may still charge a dispensation fee (usually around $5).

* Please note that in some cases, an in-person consultation will be required before we can issue your repeat prescription.