Sam Wallace's Health Journey with Tend

Life isn't a dress rehearsal. We only have one shot, and it's up to us to take responsibility for our health.

New Zealand broadcaster, Dad of three, car enthusiast, funny fella, genuine guy - bloody good chap. Meet Sam Wallace. 

Sam is 41 years old and wants to be the best Dad, husband, son, mate, uncle and brother he can. So he is on a health journey with Tend and baring it all in the hope that just one person watches his story and follows suit. You see, life is not a dress rehearsal. We only have one shot at it, and it’s up to us to take ownership of our health and take action.

Sam's story

Part 1: The Prostate Check

My dad is battling prostate cancer and he sent me a message and said I needed to get a proper check up... because I am over 40, and it runs in the family. So I decided to book in for the full monty health check with my friends at Tend. They tested me from top to toe! I learned A LOT and yeah to be honest, there are some things that need attention... blood pressure, cholesterol level, waist circumference, weight, PSA level, BMI... I now have the benchmark measures to work towards a healthier version of me!

Part 2: Contraception for adults that have kids already

My wife Sarah and I are done with baking any more buns in the oven! Things got messy in the kitchen while we had a chat about the different methods of contraception. I had some concerns that getting a vasectomy would make me less of a man or reduce my sex drive, as it is a common concern for men. So I decided to call Dr Graham to answer all my questions about a vasectomy and other forms of contraception.

Part 3: Sleep

Man is a genius when he is dreaming, the problem is, I haven’t been getting enough sleep to dream... until I changed just a couple of wee things... this advice is gold! Thanks Dr G.