In-person and online medical services

We're a full service primary healthcare provider, offering in-clinic and online GP services. Online medicals services are only a video call away.

Reimagining healthcare in New Zealand

Full-Service Primary Healthcare
Comprehensive GP services both online and in-clinic.

Innovative App
Tend is not your typical GP practice, as we have reimagined healthcare delivery using a mobile app.

Convenient Care
With Tend, you can access healthcare when and where you need it, with NZ-based doctors and nurses available online via the app or in person at our clinics.

Flexible Appointments
Tend offers easy and flexible appointments that fit your schedule, including weekends and late-nights at no extra charge.

Personalised Experience
Enjoy personalised reminders, access to your health records, test results and follow-ups from your doctor or nurse, putting healthcare in your hands.

Try Tend without Changing Your Doctor
You can book a casual appointment with Tend to experience our services, or enrol with Tend for the best pricing for your entire family.

Common health concerns

  • Accidents & minor injuries (incl. ACC)

  • Allergies

  • Children's health

  • Contraception

  • Coughs, colds and flu

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Heart health & blood pressure

  • Mental health

  • Headaches & migraine

  • Pregnancy

  • Sexual health

  • Stop smoking

  • Women’s health

Clinic services

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Cervical screening

  • Immunisations

  • Minor surgeries

  • Prostate screening

  • Wart & mole removal

  • X-ray (Tend Symonds Street)

  • Immigration Medicals (Tend Symonds Street)

  • Blood test (Tend Symonds Street)

Experience the future of healthcare

With online medical and GP services at you fingertips, we are changing healthcare in New Zealand. Receive medical care that works for you and your busy schedule; give Tend a try today! Download the Tend app.