About us

We’re a team of health professionals, technologists and entrepreneurs with a vision to transform healthcare for current and future generations.

We've all been there, facing long waits to see a GP or specialist and repeating the same story, with different people from different health services, when there's only one you.

When health matters most, it should work alongside you and your whānau. It should be easy to access and meet your needs. You should have control of your health, so you can live well and stay well.

Now Tend is here. A new kind of healthcare experience, for today’s kind of living.

Tend is a full service primary healthcare provider, offering GP services online and in clinic. But, we’re not your typical GP practice!

This is healthcare designed around you and your family; healthcare anytime, anywhere and for everything you’d expect from your GP. Removing the hassle, giving back time, putting you in control.

Need a physical check up or procedure? Visit one of our state of the art clinics for a face-to-face consultation or physical examination. Need to talk to a doctor online? Use our secure app to chat to your care team

Sort a prescription in an instant, access your health data and results securely, and join all the dots in healthcare from routine check ups to specialist referrals. Tend is complete healthcare, in a way that feels welcoming and connected to you.

With Tend you have experienced healthcare professionals by your side, total visibility, choice and care all the way.

But we’re just getting started. We’re planning to tend to much more, building healthcare that’s proactive and preventative. Supporting you to track your health and create a complete care plan, to get ahead of health issues and keep you well. Offering a range of seamlessly integrated health services on one platform. Making healthcare more convenient, faster and accessible no matter where you live or how you want to connect.

Complete support for and your whānau where you are and where you’ll be, at every stage of life.

Tend. Your home for health.

Download the app today and put your healthcare in your hands.

Our Purpose

Tend's Purpose Wheel. Purpose: to help New Zealanders be the healthiest people in the world. Beliefs: we believe healthcare should be equitable, accessible and designed for you and your whānau. People: Our customers and our team are at the heart of everything we do. Focus: Deliver the best healthcare experiences. Greatest Imaginable Goal: to build a 100 year Kiwi-owned healthcare company for our future generations.

Tend Board of Directors

Leadership Team